ACSB: Random Acts of Kindness

Letters to soldiers. 

Coins left on campus washing machines. 

A bowl of candy in Shipman Library.

These are the random acts of kindness the AC Women’s Softball team practices each October. Each player and coach gets their own day to do something nice for other people. ACSB has a wide variety of acts of kindness that they do over the course of one month.

New assistant coach Taylor Farmer, said that she has never participated in an event like this before but is now excited to carry out RAOK in future years.

“Random Acts of Kindness is a great way for a team or individuals to truly appreciate those around them and members of the community,” said Farmer. “The most unexpected appreciation can make someone’s day, a lot brighter.”

“RAOK allows for our athletes to look at the bigger picture and realize that there are so many people that have a positive impact on our school and program and it is nice to give back to those who appreciate us and what we do.

Farmer’s favorite part of RAOK is how creative the team is becoming.

“It’s amazing seeing the creative ways that our student athletes have come up with to do something nice for others – it does not take any money to do something nice for people,” said Farmer.

Freshman, Ava Ferrarelli, did her random act of kindness last Sunday. This was her first time participating in an event such as this one, but she got creative and found a great organization to support.

“For my RAOK, I made a donation to the Special Olympics because it is an amazing organization that provides many athletic opportunities to those with intellectual disabilities,” said Ferrarelli. “I believe other people should participate in RAOK because it’s a good way to get involved and give back to the community.”

Ferrarelli explains that there are a lot of joys that come out of random acts of kindness.

“My favorite part of RAOK with my team is watching everybody participate and spread positivity,” said Ferrarelli. “I think that the RAOK helps make people smile and encourages them to pass it on and make other people smile as well.”

This month is not over yet, there is more time left for others to participate in this event. Random acts of kindness can extend to any month of the year, so give it a try.

Farmer encourages all to try it out and spread a little joy.

“I would encourage other teams and individuals to get involved with RAOK because it allows you to fill the void of happiness for someone that day. It is very rewarding in itself,” said Farmer.

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