TKE’s 2nd Annual St. Jude Sprint

Written by: Life Editor Jalyn DeForest

Tau Kappa Epsilon of Adrian College recently completed its 2nd annual St. Jude Sprint. At this event the members of TKE run from Adrian to Chelsea, MI. They ask that people help donate money towards this great organization and they run 26 miles as a chapter.

Senior TKE member, Donnie Ervin, participated in the run and was happy with the outcome.

“With COVID happening this year, I am glad that our event was still able to take place since we ran outside,” said Ervin. “That was a great aspect of our run since we were able to continue it amidst a pandemic.”

Many other fraternities and sororities around the world had to change up their philanthropy dynamic because of COVID. AC’s TKE still performed its event in hopes to raise money for a great organization. Ervin said the weather was not exactly in their favor for their run but they pushed through and finished all 26 miles.

 “It was pretty chilly outside with a cool 38 degrees,” said Ervin. “But being with my brothers and raising money together was a great experience nonetheless. Every event we put on to raise money for an organization like St. Jude, it is always a fun time.”

Junior TKE member, Ben Magnus, also participated in the 2nd annual St. Jude Sprint. Magnus said that they raised almost $4,000 to donate to St. Jude.

“It means a lot to me personally that we were able to continue this philanthropy event this year,” said Magnus, “The main reason why I chose to join TKE was the fact that our philanthropy was with St. Jude. This event gives us an opportunity to do something for other people. The St. Jude Sprint is a representation of us going the extra mile physically for them, as they do for so many others. The health care workers with St. Jude work so hard for all of their patients. This was the least we could do to help honor and raise money for them and their organization.”

Magnus said that this philanthropy event allows them to think about others outside of their fraternity, as well as bigger than Adrian College. 

“Other Tau Kappa Epsilon chapters all over the country raise money to St. Jude,” Magnus continues, “We find our own unique ways to contribute and raise money for such a great organization, which I think is a great way to connect with other TKE fraternities. It allows us to unite as one.”

Donations still are being accepted at:

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