New Faculty – Tyler Harris

Photo Courtesy of Renee Collins: Exercise Science & Athletic Training professor Tyler Harris

Written by: Helena Mazzarella

“Even through hard times, I try to come at everything in life with a bit of optimism.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has had tremendous impacts on our school system. From online classes to take out meals at Ritchie, it is safe to say that things have looked a bit different on campus this semester. However, first-year Adrian College Professor, Tyler Harris says, since being at Adrian College, he has “enjoyed meeting many of the other members of the Adrian College community [even] though it is difficult to be social with COVID-related restrictions.”

In a time where social-distancing is the norm, it is easy to feel alone. Nevertheless, Professor Harris says that the Adrian College “close-knit community has been very welcoming, despite [him only] being here for a short time.” Harris stated, “I already feel like part of the family.”

Lucky for him that he will always have his Adrian College family seeing that his extended family all lives a plane ride away in Boston which is also where he was born. Even though he spent most of his time in the Phoenix area, when people ask, he claims to say he’s from Boston because the “sports teams are more successful [there].” 

For Harris, sports have been an integral part of his life; since the age of two, he has been devoted to playing basketball. Professor Harris played all throughout high school, and to this day, he still is involved with intramurals. 

With any long-term athletic involvement unfortunately comes many injuries. As much time as Harris spent on the court, he also spent in the athletic training room. Although no athlete wants to be injured, Professor Harris says in the athletic training room, he “enjoyed the atmosphere.”

Harris said, “from there, I never looked back.” In his junior year of high school, he took a class on exercise physiology where his teacher recommended he look into the field of athletic training. 

To pursue his passion for athletic training, Professor Harris received his bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University. After his first year of college, he took a volunteer trip to Thailand to work at an elephant nature park where he built a classroom for a hill tribe village school. Additionally, he received a master’s degree in Psychology at Northern Michigan University.  

His International Student Volunteers trip in college displays first-hand Professor Harris’ altruism and compassion that will, no doubt, be seen in the classroom.

We look forward to the future with Professor Harris, here, at Adrian College. 

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