Corn Hole at Adrian College

Written by: Opinion’s Editor Abigail Wise

Intramural corn hole has taken over Adrian College’s campus. With COVID-19 still a worry of the administration and athletics departments, no other intramural sports are taking place. Corn hole is an easy intramural event to incorporate social distancing, masks, and having events outdoors. Kevin Lamont is a sophomore at AC and a participant in intramural corn hole. 

“They said there’s going to be a big tournament, these little games will most likely seed us for that,” said Lamont.

 With these side games still going on, they are not entirely sure when that will happen.

“Right now, we’re just hanging out and having fun,” he said.

With limited options for social interactions on campus, this intramural tournament has given students a taste of what life used to be like before COVID-19, especially with sports being so different and diminishing. Katie Crawford, assistant women’s basketball coach, likes seeing the students out and active.

“This is the first year that an intramural corn hole tournament is taking place,” she said.  “They started it because of COVID-19 and it’s really nice to see students out here being athletic and socializing in a safe manner.” 

There are 20 corn hole teams total, each team consisting of two players. They have these teams divided into two groups that play on different days to stay safe and healthy in the midst of the pandemic. 8 teams play on Wednesday and the remaining 12 play on Thursday. As the teams dwindle down as the seeds narrow out, there eventually will be one winning team for this intramural corn hole season. 

Conner Wise is a Junior at Adrian College and a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) fraternity on campus. PIKE often has many intramural teams consisting of their members and they compete in almost every intramural sport each year. With corn hole being the only option this semester, they had to take it up. 

 “It is a lot of fun,” Wise said. “But it’s our only option unfortunately with everything going on in the world.” 

He continued when asked which intramural sports he missed the most, “I think I miss flag football and broom ball the most. Corn hole is great, but I miss being able to run and have more than two people per team,” Wise finished his thoughts with a positive outlook, “I guess I should be happy that there is anything active at all going on that is through the college.”

There are no confirmations about intramural sports when it comes to the spring semester considering COVID-19 is still prevalent in the everyday life of the AC student. However, if you are able to be outside with a mask Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, you can catch the corn hole players outside of the Caine Terrace. 

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