Adrian College Debuts their First Club Softball Season

By: Hollie Kien

2020 marked the inaugural year for the Adrian College club softball team. It has brought some excitement, as well as some defeat. It has been years in the making, but finally the team came together and they began their first season this school year.  I had the opportunity to interview the head coach Miranda Kiser, as well as a senior player Kaitlyn Probelski and found out a little more about the program. As well as how they started their first season thus far. 

The club team is underclassman based, with only 5 upperclassmen bringing prior college/varsity skills. Some girls on the team just want to play for fun, or haven’t played since middle or high school etc. There are also a few who have prior travel experience as well as prior college experience. 

Kiser said “ I was told when I got hired that there were people on campus that wanted the club softball team. For our first year as a program we recruited as many athletes as possible and also got some girls that joined the team that were already on campus.  Right now we have 8 freshmen on the team, 2 sophomores, 3 juniors, and 2 seniors.” 

The club team has played 6 games so far this innagural season, and unfortunately have yet to walk away with a win. The teams they compete against in their conference are Michigan, Bowling Green, Oakland, Toledo, Eastern Michigan, and UM-Flint. They also play teams that are not in their specific conference, including Michigan State, Lake Superior, Central Michigan, Saginaw Valley State University, Grand Valley State University, Ferris State University, and Siena Heights junior varsity team. 

Kiser commented on her hopes for the future of the team. “We are still trying to figure out who we are and establish a culture. My hope is to be as competitive as possible this season and in the future. I also hope to give girls another opportunity to play softball in college” Senior Kaitlyn Probelski played varsity softball here on campus for two years before quitting, so she was very excited with the news of the club team forming. “I am most looking forward to getting to play more of the sport that I love. I had the opportunity to play on the Varsity team the last two years (my freshman and sophomore year), but when it came down to it I needed to focus more on my education. Because of this, I was able to have another opportunity to still play college softball. She also had some thoughts on the future of the team. I think going off of that, I am very excited to help grow the program and team, I think that with being a new team we have a lot to prove and I’m excited to show people what this team can do.” 

 The team is looking forward to improving throughout the rest of this season, and we will continue to update the campus on their performance as the season progresses.

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