Young Democrats of Adrian College

By: Catherine Weddle

The 2020 Presidential election is just a few weeks away and the AC student community is ready to open up discussion. 

A new political club, the Young Democrats of Adrian College, is looking for students who are interested in creating conversations around campus about the current political issues circulating the country. Josh Ray, president of the AC democrats club, is setting goals to change the way AC talks about politics.

“It’s okay to debate,” Ray said. “Even if it turns into an argument, that’s okay, too.”

Ray said he is working with fellow students to create a Young Republicans club. He wants to develop these political clubs on campus so, as a community, Adrian College can find the “middle ground” that has been hard to reach the past 4 years. 

Ray said with the presidential election coming up he wants to focus on encouraging AC students to vote, whether they have the same views as him or not. 

“Obviously I know who I want people to vote for” said Ray “However, just because someone  doesn’t believe the same thing doesn’t mean they are the enemy.”

Ray said he wants the members to be just as involved as the executive board and plans to make the club mirror an actual democracy. He wants to give the members input on what they talk about and how they use the club’s resources. 

The Young Democrats also plan to offer career opportunities to members. Working on campaigns, phone banking, internships, and canvassing for candidates are on the list of options Ray and the rest of the executive board want to offer. The Young Democrats are also connected with the Michigan Federation of College Democrats, which will open up more connections for members. 

According to Ray, the Young Democrats are co-sponsoring a guest speaker, Richard L. Hanson, with the American Civil Liberties Union club. The Young Democrats are also working to give students election day off, along with another on-campus voter registration.  

Any questions may be directed to Ray at

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