Political Views on the Mall

Written by Kaitlin Parisi and Kylee Doty

What is your opinion on the debate?
If you could change anything about what you saw, what would it be?

Kas Oganowski

“It was like two kindergartners arguing with each other and didn’t go anywhere. They were more worried about bashing the other candidate than actually telling the country what they are going to do.”

“I wish they would have actually told us their plans and their plans of action for those plans.”

MacKenzie Matta

“Unprofessional let alone unpresidential”

“I believe that if we were able to mute the mics and supply them with paper/pen to make rebuttals, give them time to rebuttal, a fact checker on standby to correct at that moment, and for the candidates to actually answer the questions.”

Margaret Amory

“I don’t believe it was as beneficial for the American people as it was intended to be.”

“I wish we received more information about their stances on issues impacting America rather than hearing them talk over one another and argue with the moderator.”

Rebecca Lasky

“It was a food fight”

“Not actually talk over each other so we can hear what they actually say.”

Ally Morin-Viall

“The purpose of a debate is for candidates to share their views, plans, and policies so voters can generate an opinion on who they think is the most fit candidate. This debate did not allow for any of this to happen. Too much time was spent interrupting/counteracting interruption. To go along with this, questions were asked only to be diverted.”

“I would like if candidates would not interrupt each other in addition to having the decency to refrain from personal attacks.”

Payne Staton

“Lots of yelling over each other and not a lot of policy.”

 “For the candidates to respect more of what the other had to say and let each other talk.”

Tiler DeWitt

“Very chaotic, lots of “bullying”, but when both candidates got to speak it was nice to hear their statements.”

“Definitely needs to be more professional but that’s on the candidates. This isn’t a playground fighting for the swing. This is our country not a game.”

Michelle LaFranca

 “I did not watch the debate as I knew I was going to see what happened all throughout social media afterward. I feel as if even though I did not watch the debate, I have a thorough understanding of what happened. In my opinion, the debate was very hectic as both candidates were being interrupted.”

“If I could change anything about what I saw, I would make it so the candidates were quiet while the other was speaking. It is important that both parties get the opportunity to speak, so it was very frustrating to hear that they were not able to get their full ideas across due to interruptions. That makes it harder for people to go and make their decisions on who to vote for because they are unsure of the true feelings of each candidate.”

Max Birmingham

“The format was good and I thought the topics being asked were important. However, the behavior of both Trump and Biden were remarkably disappointing and made it hard to believe in either of them as leaders for the next 4 years.”

Find a way to silence microphones to limit interruptions, submit answers to questions beforehand and have the moderator read them. The back and forth discussion between the two candidates is a format that likely will not allow for anything of substance to occur.”

Matthew Kibby

 “Even though I did not watch it live, I did get a chance to watch recaps of the debate as well as see all memes that have come from it. I think it was a horrible representation of democracy. It was a joke and it made America look like a joke to the rest of the country. No matter what side of the aisle you are on, I think both sides would agree it was horrible what happened on that stage.”

“I would literally stop having debates. The country is so divided people already know what they are gonna vote for. The people who are still undecided should not rely on the debates in order to choose a candidate. You are better off doing research and making a decision that way.”


The Vice Presidential debate was the following week and we sent out a survey to select students on campus, however many did not watch the VP debate due to what occurred and the outcome of the Presidential debate. We look forward to seeing the rest of the debates and remember to vote!

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