Fall Festival

Written by: Executive Editor Emma Harbaugh

On Friday, October 9th, AC threw a Fall Festival sponsored by our student government association. It was equipped with all things you would hope to find at a fall festival – pumpkin painting, cinnamon doughnuts, cold apple cider, food trucks (those roasted almonds were truly to die for), hay bales for photo ops, and plenty of interaction with peers. The lack of connection has been seriously lacking, so students were happy for the opportunity. The mall has always been a perfect place for these kinds of events, and the overall lull of feeling was excitement. I think students were excited to do something together again. 

A couple of the Greek houses were able to do some philanthropic work during the festival, ATO had their “Egg-A-Tau” event that usually happens during homecoming. Blayk Olsen, a senior and member of Alpha Tau Omega, says that they will be making a donation to the Humane Society with the money they received for participating. Alpha Phi, one of AC’s sororities on campus, put on the “mac and phi’s” table. This is where they handed out free mac and cheese balls to all who came to their booth. Their donation will be made to the Alpha Phi Foundation. And of course, the infamous dunk tank was set up. The TKE brothers braved the cold water for the St. Judes children’s hospital. This is always a popular stand, as students get to try their luck at hitting the button that will cause a fraternity brother to plunge into the water below. All in all, Greek life was represented and money was raised for some great organizations. 

Jenna Bratke, a junior and member of SGA, said that getting the food trucks for the event required was, “a good amount of work, and they were hard to get. Everyone right now has pretty strict rules about catering for events.” She went on to say that acquiring the rest of the supplies for the event only took about a week. The pizza was delicious, as you could watch it be made right in front of you, and the roasted almonds and pecans are always a fall classic. Campus felt a little bit brighter as this was the first event that students could really participate in together. Of course, masks were required and it looked as if everyone followed that guideline well. We are excited to see what else will be executed for students safely, and hope that in the coming weeks we will be able to hang out with our peers some more.