MIAA Postpones Conference Play for Men’s Basketball

As COVID-19 continues to surge through the United states, the virus has still left us in fear of what will happen to sports. In March the NCAA cancelled “March Madness”, a Division 1 collegiate basketball tournament that attracts millions of viewers and is one of the starred sporting events on everyone calendar.

With the pandemic still current, many presidents and executives have had some big decision to make concerning college athletics. Spotlighting the MIAA (Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association), conference executives made a tough decision when the MIAA decided to postpone conference play of men’s basketball till January 1st, 2021.

“The community [Adrian] is upset but understanding.”, Adrian College’s Athletic Director Micheal Duffy states. Duffy, 13 year Athletic Director of Adrian College has never had to deal with a pandemic like this in his whole coaching/director career. With plenty of new regulations and order from the CDC and NCAA. Micheal Duffy shared his preparedness plan for winter sports, specifically for men’s basketball.

“We are obviously going to follow the orders from CDC and NCAA to make sure we keep our fans safe and healthy.”, said Duffy. The NCAA and CDC order that only 20% of indoor venues can be filled, Adrian is lowering the percentage to 6.5% by only allowing a capacity of 200 people out of the 1,300 person capacity. Duffy stated, “We are allowing 2 guest per student athlete for home and the away team.”. “For example if there are 15 players on both teams, each player is allowed a 2 person guaranteed entree. Bring 30 people max for each team for a total of 60 people in attendance.”. Adrian athletes will be tested for COVID 72 hours before a contest or once a week. Mask are required for both players and attendees, following Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Executive Order 2020-42 (COVID-19) – Rescinded. Duffy mentioned that the mask regulation can change for the players overtime.

Though the MIAA has postponed conference play, Duffy claimed, “We are still looking to have some out of conference play in November and early December. With capacity being low, Micheal Duffy wanted to let the community of Adrian to know, “We are thinking of you, We have ACTV (Adrian College Television) live streaming all the home games. I hope there is a vaccine so we can bring back the great fan base back to the campus of Adrian College. Until then stay safe, stay healthy and hope to see everyone soon back in the Merillat. “.

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