Study Abroad programs have value beyond their cost

Written by: Leonard Poole

There are many colleges in the United States that encourage students all over to study abroad, but what comes into play is the fact that private schools I chose to look into Study Abroad here at AC, because I have a twin brother who goes to Western Michigan University and I wanted to compare the two.

I find it frustrating how Charles is able to use all of the scholarships allotted to him for study abroad, whereas students in my situation who are also encouraged to study abroad are not allowed to use all of the scholarships from our own institution because we are told we must rely on loans and other methods to make it more affordable. But, we should have the same study abroad opportunities as other individuals from other institutions. When I dug a little further, I found out that many many private schools in the United States are the same exact way. This is because endowments at private institutions play a significant factor in how much money a school can spend and use for different departments. Some schools such as Kenyon, “would allow some but not all money” for study abroad, according to Dr. Melissa Stewart, director of Study Abroad. 

The process can be stressful, especially on the wallet.

“In general, you cannot use any Adrian scholarship money,” said Stewart. “But, you can use any federal aid loans or Pell grants.”

Adrian has a much smaller budget so it is difficult to fund study abroad programs at the same level as a state school. Students interested in a study abroad program should check online for more information on how a study abroad program can help find a job.

“Ninety-Three of those who entered the workforce were employed within six months of graduation,” International Education of Students Abroad a program designed to help students find internships and study abroad programs globally.  Study Abroad programs are a positive influence on students around the world. 

My twin brother Charles studied Italy.

“Studying abroad increases your awareness of other cultures, gives you many transferable skills like communication, planning, and adaptability that can be used in a future career,” he said.

Senior Kaitlin Parisi explains her experience in London and Paris.

“It’s an experience that will stick with you for a lifetime and change your perspective on how other countries teach and work,” Parisi said.
Sophomore Christian Berends studied in Brazil.

 “It helps you learn the culture and expand your worldview view,” Berends said

 Since studying abroad is so valuable, it would be great to have more opportunities available to AC students. Maybe in the future, more money can be spent to help fund these programs.

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