Rushing During COVID: Fraternities

Written by: Bailey Mruzik

When people think of college, one of the first things that comes to mind is fraternities and sororities. With that being said, Greek organizations are a substantial part of many students’ college experience. Although much has changed within the past year, Adrian has done its best to not shatter this experience, or any experience for its students. Sports, activities, and daily life have gone back to a (somewhat) normal routine, although with modifications. Greek life is also something that has undergone changes, but still remains an option for students to enjoy as part of their time at Adrian College. 

This year, sorority and fraternity houses on campus are not allowing visitors other than those who live in-house. That makes it extremely hard for members of greek organizations to interact with new members and those interested in joining. “I am the type of person who likes to get to know people well, and what is making it difficult is that I am not allowed to interact with them other than behind a screen,” says Leonard Poole, a member on the executive board for the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at Adrian. 

With the house restrictions, the recruiting process in general has also been modified. “We had virtual recruitment this year. It was challenging not being able to meet people right away and get your first impression of them,” says Conner Wise, recruitment chair for the fraternity. “It changes the whole aspect of recruiting.” He also says they have done things like Kahoots and different icebreakers on zoom to get new members involved. 

Another major aspect that comes with being in greek life is the relationships formed between members. This year, it has obviously been challenging to adapt to that part of the change. “Some of our guys are doing classes from home completely, so it is different not seeing your friends every day,” says Wise. 

As everyone knows, this school year has been all about getting used to a different way of life while still enjoying the things we love. For the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, the changes haven’t stopped them from making greek life fun and engaging. “We are trying to do the best we can,” says Leonard Poole. “I want future brothers to know about pike and how much it can benefit them for the future”.


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