A Passion for Journalism

Written by: Helena Mazzarella

“Property Brothers.” “Beachfront Bargain.” “Fixer Upper.”

These shows influenced my childhood from the third grade. I grew up watching Jonathan Scott, Christina and Tarek, Chip and Joanna. I just knew I wanted to be a real estate agent and help people find their forever homes. 

However, when I had my first business class in high school, I realized there was much more to this lifestyle than what was portrayed on HGTV and so I began to rethink my future plan. As kids, we often heard the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Parents take pictures of their children, proudly holding signs each September morning with chalkboard lettering, bragging to their Facebook friends what big aspirations their “perfect” children have. 

Eventually, I concluded the only thing I really loved was English and, more specifically, writing. That led me to declare my major as Language Arts and Elementary Education my freshman year of college.

I had been a figure skating coach since the age of 16 and had been told I worked well with children. I could combine my love of learning, reading, and writing as a teacher so it seemed like the “perfect” option. Also, teachers do not make a ton of money but they do get health care and, generally, there is a surplus of teaching jobs at the moment. 

Now in my sophomore year of college, I don’t think teacher education is the “perfect” option for me; it is the safest option. Yes, I could see myself as a teacher. However, what I really want is to write–I want to be a journalist. 

As a figure skater, my whole life has been extremely competitive; it is a competitive sport, and there comes a point where it becomes integrated into your own identity. Going into college, picking a major, I stayed away from journalism out of sheer fear: the fear of failure. 

In college, there is a stigma that everyone will find their passion and then, right out of college, be able to support themselves in whatever their passion may be. I originally did not want to take the risk in such a competitive field where there is a possibility that I would be out of college, at home, having to move in with my parents for another chapter of my life. 

Thank you to my mom and dad for always being nothing but supportive, however, I really do not want to move back into a bedroom that barely fits a twin size bed. 

With the field of journalism constantly evolving as the world becomes overall more technologically savvy, it is scary jumping into the unknown. Nevertheless, the uncertainty of the future excites me; I know there are such many amazing opportunities and adventures I have yet to experience. 

I want to travel and explore new cultures. I want to learn and write about the world as seen through my own eyes. I, simply, want to experience as much as I possibly can in my lifetime and have come to the conclusion that there is no time or place in my life to “play it safe.” I am going to take risks, challenge myself, and pursue happiness. I want to be a journalist and I am not going to let my fear of failure or unpredictability of the future stand in my way.

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