Adrian Tennis Teams serves up the start of a new season.

Written by: Ryan Cuddy

Sports are finally starting to make a slow return to the campus of Adrian College. The men’s and womens’ tennis team representing AC are a part of this return to action on the field and the courts this fall. While 2020 has been anything but normal, the AC Tennis team Adrian College tennis team is trying to work with what they got and the complications that this historically strange year has given them. Practice started in the second week of school, and they have been preparing for the matches that await them in this upcoming fall season. 

The men’s team has four matches scheduled. As the women have five and have already played one match. Unfortunately they came out on the short end against Grace College in their first outing of the year. Although technically conference play has been postponed, tennis is a bit different in that sense. Tennis has two different seasons, a fall and spring, where fall counts towards your record but it is not conference play. That is where the spring season kicks in and you have your conference matches. So although there is no “conference play” in the fall, there are still matches scheduled for both the guys and girls teams against colleges that participate in the MIAA. These matches will count for everybody’s record, however it will not be a “conference match” in the normal sense and will have no effect on the two squads conference record, only an effect on their overall team record. The men’s and women’s teams have a pair of matches coming up on the weekend of September 26th, where both face Olivet College on Saturday, and then get right back to it traveling to Angola Indiana to face off with Trine University on Sunday.

In an ever changing year, everybody has to adapt to the strange and odd circumstances. Masking and social distancing around campus are required for the tennis teams, just like everyone else. Having to wear masks when they enter practice, and never having any physical contact (albeit tennis is quite easy for that) while they are on court are the obvious new rules that they have to follow. A few new additions are that fans have now been allowed to attend the matches which was initially up in the air. However there are a few requirements that the fans themselves must follow in order to attend these matches. They must wear a mask and stay at a safe social distance from one another. However, once the players take the masks off and head on court, practice is like it always has been for the Adrian College tennis team. Going through high intensity drills under the warm early fall afternoons is a breath of fresh air for normalcy in a way for the Adrian College Tennis team. As both the men’s and women’s teams have hit the ground running on an anything but normal year, it is exciting to see what both teams will be able to accomplish.

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