Bringing News to Adrian College

Adrian College has always been filled with many co-curricular activities and clubs for students to get involved on campus. There are many different opportunities in athletics as well as the realm of academics. Although there are many ways to expand one’s horizons at AC, there is one opportunity that has never been offered to students until one communications major came to Adrian- a news broadcast.

Leonard Poole, sophomore and first-year Adrian College student arrived at Adrian with a vision. He wanted communications scholars to have the opportunity to work in the field of broadcasting early in college to prepare them for their future careers in the field.

“I remember when I was younger, watching a bunch of other college news stations and loving it because it reminded me that you can get a head start in the industry,” said Poole. “So I thought, when I go to Adrian, that’s something I want to start up myself.”

Poole brought his love of broadcasting to campus when he arrived, and this led him to start an on-campus weekly news program called “Bulldog News.”

Right now, the program consists of six students. Each week, they all work different jobs in the studio such as directors, anchors, teleprompter and camera operators, and floor managers.

“This lets us get a head start in the field and learn different things right off the bat, so we will be successful in the future,” said Poole.

The students in Bulldog News are always expanding their skills in the newsroom by working hands-on with the technical equipment. Poole plans to expand the crew each year to make the show bigger and better.

“For the future, we are planning to recruit more students for the show, especially when the new freshman arrive,” says Poole. “Once more people join and we have the staffing, we will continue to expand our broadcast, make it more lively, and take on all the roles of a newsroom.”

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