AC Survivor Wraps Up Season One

On April 6, AC Survivor had its “Season One” finale. The final four team of Jarvis, Dale, Sam and M.D. competed in one last immunity challenge. This was a memory test that saw the final four try to run over and memorize as many logos of past seasons of the show, and then write as many as they remembered on a sheet of paper. If they couldn’t remember, they had to run back and check again. After multiple runs, it was challenge beast Jarvis who won his 3rd individual immunity in the game. At tribal council, the alliance of AT Bros eliminated Sam from the game. When it came time for the Jury to make their decision, they agreed that all 3 finalists had played similar games. Some jury members liked the redemption story Jarvis had been undergoing throughout the season, while others felt less burned by MD in the game, while others still felt Dale had more control over their alliance. When the votes were read, Dale Sanford was crowned the sole survivor. Both Dale and MD believed Jarvis should have won. So why did Jarvis lose the game?

Why Jarvis Lost

After looking at this season, I truly believe that Jarvis should have won. However I still believe Dale deserved it. This is what makes Survivor so complicated. What did Jarvis do to lose? I think that he was playing super aggressively strategically, and he was winning challenges. I wouldn’t say he had a bad social game either. I think people have different perceptions, and I think Dale ultimately won because he was instrumental in getting Kevin to lower his guard and was able to show how much control he had, as he was never really in danger of being voted off. I think perhaps Dale just had a better social game. I am happy with Jarvis’s story of redemption because it really says something when a player comes back to play again after going out early in their previous season and wanting to prove something.

How Survivor has helped me

In my life, I have had things that I have had to struggle through but Survivor has really helped me. It has given me confidence. It has given my family something for us to bond over. Finally, it has given me friends. When my ATO brothers encouraged me to start Survivor here at Adrian, I knew they were supporting me all the way. This season was a great start, and I cannot wait to show what happened in the episodes on You Tube once they are all complete, and what season 2 will bring next semester.

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