Club Baseball plans to continue prestige from previous season

Photo by Ken Furlich: The AC men’s club baseball team in a final huddle before a game

Last year, as a first year program, the Club Baseball hit it out of the park with winning the World Series for the NCBA D-3. With goals set this high, the team is determined to make it back to the World Series.

So far the team is off to a great start with only one loss in its conference. According to team member Justin Bailey, these Bulldogs are putting in the extra work to make their dreams a reality.

“As a player that came to Adrian and playing for the NCAA JV team my freshman year, and then dropping down to the club team as a sophomore, it is much easier to handle homework playing for the club team,” said Bailey.

Bailey added that the club team is a “relaxed team,” practicing just a couple times a week and working hard on the field.

“Lifting and conditioning is optional and on your own compared to mandatory allowing you to plan around your schedule,” he said.
So far, Bailey said the season is “going great.

“So far we only have one loss in our conference. We have a few teams left to play that we are unsure of their abilities but we have a great team with a lot of confidence.” So far the team is off to a great start with only one loss in their conference. This year the team will lose some pretty phenomenal seniors due to graduation. Bailey said, “ We are planning on getting enough recruits to fill in those numbers. As far as being successful in the next season I think we will be ok. We have plenty of players that have the capability to fill in the spots of the seniors.”

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