Why You Should Go Greek

To rush, or not to rush? This is a question that all college students are faced with when they first step on campus. Greek organizations are an integral part of college campuses and contribute to many of its activities. There are many stereotypes and prevailing opinions about Greek life, but many of these are not true. Moreso, these stereotypes can be harmful to the organizations and can damage the reputation and good work that they do. Fraternities and sororities are an increasingly important part of a college campus and do so much more than party and wear fun tee shirts.

Each Greek organization at Adrian College has its own unique and special bond shared by its brothers or sisters. This is a bond that can only be made in college and will last a lifetime. As cheesy as this sounds, it is incredibly true. Being in a fraternity or sorority means always having a friend to study with, someone to listen to your troubles, or to go on random adventures with you.

“I’ve enjoyed not only meeting a group of women who all share the same values, but I like how I have gotten to know everyone in the Greek community,” says Alpha Phi member Mady Crandle. “There’s always a friendly face in class, even without your own sorority sisters in it.”

When you pledge to join a Greek organization, you are instantly connected to a large network of other people on campus. You instantly know so many faces on campus and have connections to every area of the college.

As mentioned earlier, Greek life isn’t just about the fun shirts and parties. So much of what fraternities and sororities do is grounded in philanthropy and giving back to the community. Many of the Greek organizations on campus require all members to complete a certain number of community service hours, recognizing the importance of giving back and helping those who need it. Additionally, fraternities and sororities have their own individual philanthropic organizations for which they raise money and organize events. Chi Omega uses its Wish Week to raise funds for Make a Wish, Pi Kappa Alpha throws the Cycle for Life event, and there are many other events to help the community.

Not only are Greeks involved in philanthropy and community service, but they are incredibly involved on campus as well. They are athletes, writers, tutors, scientists, radio hosts, artists, potential doctors, and many more. Our involvement on campus increases the diversity of the organization and allows us to support other activities that we may not be aware of. You could find yourself attending a hockey game or bowling tournament to support your brothers and sisters while they come to your CAN event. This allows all campus activities the continue to thrive.

There is no one type of sorority girl or fraternity boy. Greek organizations are incredibly diverse and allow different people from different backgrounds to come together for a common purpose. Stereotypes of Greek life are simply not true and need to be dispelled for these organizations to continue to grow. Greek men and women are active in their campus and eager to participate in community activities.

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