Future Students Visit Adrian on Scholarship Day

Though it was the Saturday before St. Patty’s Day, Adrian College students were on their best behavior on March 16 — perhaps because they had to set a good example for the future Bulldogs on campus.

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., 525 guests (including 215 prospective students) populated the Bulldog Mile for 2019’s third and final Scholarship Day, an event that AC Director of Admissions Joe Van Geison described as “a great opportunity for prospective students to visit campus to get a better sense of our academic offerings.”

“Typically the students who attend Scholarship Days have already visited campus for a tour, so we promote Scholarship Days to them as a way to get a more in-depth experience,” Van Geison added.

Following registration and introductions in the Adrian Tobias Room, prospective students gathered by intended major into “interactive academic sessions,” allowing them to meet faculty and learn more about how their intended major is taught at AC.

Of course, AC did not leave the parents to twiddle their thumbs.

Van Geison said that at each Scholarship Day, as students participate in their interactive academic sessions, “The parents are able to sit in on 3 sessions. (1) The ‘student experience panel,’ which is an introduction to the student experience and is a Q and A with a couple of current students. (2) ‘Institute for Pre-Health Studies’ or (3) ‘Institute of Career Planning.’ Option 2 and 3 allow parents to see how Adrian can help prepare their student for a path in health-related fields or how to utilize our career planning office to secure a job upon graduation.”

Prospective students and parents then reconvened in the Adrian Tobias Room for lunch, followed by a presentation on financial aid at AC.

Van Geison said that after the financial aid presentation, guests were able to “meet with coaches, get tours of campus, head to the bookstore and meet one on one with some of our faculty.”

As indicated by its name, prospective students who attend the event and meet the requirements receive a renewable scholarship. For the guests at this past Scholarship Day, the scholarship was $6,000.

Scholarship Day, held every January, February and March, was first implemented more than 10 years ago.

“We know that visiting campus is a strong indicator if a student will ultimately enroll at Adrian, so this event gives prospective students incentive to visit and check out campus,” Van Geison said.

All admitted students are invited to Scholarship Day — and when it comes to getting word out, AC is incredibly proactive.

“Our Staff personally invites students through texting, calling and emailing,” Van Geison said. “We also send hard copy invitations to each student as well!”

The value of Scholarship Day cannot be understated. Beyond simply providing prospective students the chance to earn scholarship money and interact with faculty, the event benefits AC, as well.

According to Van Geison, “Scholarship Day events are a critical part of our recruitment process, and 60% of the students who attend a Scholarship Day event end up enrolling at Adrian.”

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