Another Successful Wish Week

“A wish is a dream your heart makes” and yet again Chi Omega is helping make wishes come true. The week of March 18th through the 23rd Chi Omega held their annual Wish Week making a whopping total $1,158.32.

Taking a glance at the week, to raise this money on Monday they sold stars and pins in Caine and Ritchie, on Tuesday they had a Chipotle fundraiser which everyone was excited to have an excuse to treat themselves to a yummy dinner, on Thursday everyone’s favorite event took place which was Pie-A-Chi. Anyone and everyone got the chance to donate $1 to throw or $3 to smear a plate full of whipped cream in a Chi Omega’s face. It is as fun as it sounds and everyone’s favorite event including Lindsey Branscum who is the Director of Community Service for Chi Omega. “My favorite event during Wish Week would have to be Pi-A-Chi! Everyone comes out to throw some pie in their friends faces. This event is my favorite because everyone is always smiling. People are continuously laughing and generally just excited to be there,” Branscum stated. The last event took place on Saturday, March 23 which was Swishes for Wishes. This was a basketball tournament that included a co-ed bracket and an all women’s bracket. This was also the first time that Chi Omega has ever hosted a tournament. There were 10 teams that participated in the co-ed and 5 teams that participated in the women’s making it a total of 15 teams.

When asking Branscum if Chi Omega will continue to hold Swishes for Wishes in future Wish Week’s she responded,  “Our first ever Swishes For Wishes event was great! Many teams told me that they really enjoyed the tournament and multiple players were motivated to play just to raise money for such a wonderful foundation, the Make-A-Wish foundation. Like any event there were a few ups and downs, but overall the event was a success. I believe that Chi Omega will be making Swishes For Wishes an annual tournament.” With the Mu Zeta chapter of Chi Omega being so small it is amazing to see how much money they can raise throughout the week.

Chi Omega as a whole have done so many amazing things for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and continue to do so every year. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to pull off all of the events throughout the week. “Planning any event would cause someone some stress and planning a week’s worth sure was an experience for me. I had organized small events in the past, but nothing of this magnitude. I am proud to say that Chi Omega’s Wish Week was very successful,” said Branscum. We look forward to next semesters Wish Week. Who will you be pieing next semester?

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