Bowling 2018-19 season recap

The AC Bowling team kicked off its season last September and it has been stressful, especially with the departure of coach Marq Hicks. Hicks left at the close of the fall semester. It has left the program into the hands of interim Head Coach Darrin Griewahn, who has hired two assistant coaches so far to help out. These coaches are AC bowling Alumni Clayton Kirner and Dylin Hunter.

With Hunter’s departure from the team last season following graduation, the program has been left in the hands of junior Austin Foate, who’s averaging a score of 193 for 50 games, as he returns for his second season as captain. Foate has developed into the key starter for the team stepping up his scoring average by over 10 pins just to keep the team in contention for sectionals. Foate has placed in the top 25 in eight of the 11 tournaments so far this season. “We have some work to do,” says Foate. “ Outside of my successes this season, as a team, we need to work on our game and we need to grab some key bowlers in recruiting.” One of his biggest finishes was third place out of 114 bowlers at the Toledo Classic on December 2, 2018, averaging 219.3 for four games. He claimed his first all-tournament team placement from this tournament.

Foate also had a few other very good finishes from the Falcon Classic at Bowling Green on Nov. 17, averaging 213.4 for five games, placing 15 out of 124 bowlers, the AHIBC four averaging 208 pins for four games, finishing top 20 out of over 150 bowlers. Foate has been rotating in the lead-off position and anchor position throughout this season during bakers for competition and is in contention for an All-Conference Team nomination for the AHIBC conference. Foate also has graced the ranked top 200 bowlers in the nation.

Right behind him is fellow junior Jadin Majewski, who’s averaging around 185 points for 50 games, as he was picked as the second captain for his first time this season. He has bowled every game just like Foate has. Majewski has also been rotating from lead-off to anchor this season and has been a major asset to his team. His top performance this season has been at Adrian’s home tournament, the AC Open, as he finished sixth out of 62 bowlers averaging 193.8 pins for four games on a difficult 50 ft. long pattern. Majewski had a big win at the Toledo Classic, averaging 202 pins over four games and placing ninth out of 114 bowlers. He is known as the team’s morale booster, keeping everyone’s spirits up during a disappointing game.  

Majewski has ranked in the top 25 for four tournaments, two of them being a top 10 finish. Sophomore Chase Fleming, who is averaging over 185 for 40 games, has stepped his game up for this team this season so far. He has four top 25 finishes, one top 10 finish this season so far. His top tournament this season was when he averaged 209 pins for 4 games at the AHIBC 4. Fleming has came into rotating from lead-off, 4th man, and anchor this games. With the shortage of bowlers this season, the team relied on sophomore Jansen Stone, sophomore Devin Butts, and freshman Jason Chadwick to step up and become starters for the team. Chadwick had his best performance of the season at the Toledo Classic, averaging 188.3 pins for 4 games, placing 24 out of 114 bowlers, making that his sole top 25 claim this season. Stone had his best performance at the Falcon Classic, averaging 192.2 pins for 5 games, placing 46 out of 124 bowlers. The team is currently right behind the top 80 placement to be eligible for sectionals. If they make sectionals, they will have to get top four in their region to go the the championships with the other remaining teams. Adrian’s top finishes were from the Warrior Classic, Toledo Classic, Buckeye Bakers, and the AHIBC four.

With the departure of Jennifer Kelly from the women’s team due to graduation, senior Marissa Land had to step up and take her leadership position as captain of the women’s team. Land has taken every opportunity she could to make sure the women are ready to bowl every tournament. Land has bowled 50 games this season averaging a career high 185 pins. Land, much like Foate, has claimed 8 of the top 25 placings for 11 tournaments so far this season. Additionally, Land has two top-five finishes, making her a two time all-tournament team bowler this season. Her best finish this season comes from the very first tournament, the Warrior Classic, placing second out of 76 bowlers, averaging 208 pins for four games. She also claimed fourth at the Comet Classic. Another good performance from Land was from the American Heartland 1, where she averaged 195.8 pins for five games, placing eighth out of 131 bowlers. Land has been put into the anchor position throughout the baker sets. Land is currently in the top 100 for collegiate bowlers, currently in 65th place in the nation and rising.

Freshman Kylie Middleton looks to be another asset to the team, who has the second highest average on the team so far. From 30 games, she averages about 180 pins for the season. This is a big accomplishment for the rookie and she is settling into a starting position immediately to help the team. Middleton had her best performance at the very first tournament, the Warrior Classic, averaging 194.3 pins for four games. She placed seventh out of 76 bowlers. This was here first and only top 10 and top 25 performance this season. Middleton also did well at the Falcon Classic and Orange Classic tournaments. She will be in the top 25 for rookies so far this season if she keeps her bowling up.

Junior Jordyn Stone has really stepped up as well as she currently has bowled the most games of anyone on the team. Stone has performed well this season as her first tournament was her best performance this season, the Warrior Classic, where she averaged 192.8 pins for 4 games, placing eighth out of 76 bowlers. She also averaged 185-188 pins at the Orange & Black, Falcon Classic, and the Toledo Classic. At the Toledo Classic she finished fourth and at the Comet Classic she finished second. Stone has seven top-25 finishes, three top-10 finishes, and two top-five finishes, giving her two all-tournament team nominations this season. Land, Middleton, and Stone are all eligible for All-Conference Team nominations.

Kayla Clark is a first-semester senior this season, and had her best performance at the AHIBC One, averaging 183.5 pins for five games, placing 22nd out of 131 bowlers. Clark has four top-25 finishes, one top-10, one top-five, and a first place finish from the Olivet Classic, in which the women won that tournament. Clark received a all-tournament team for her performance at the Olivet Classic.

Sophomore Emily Moharter has been developing to become a full time asset to this team. Moharter is among the top five women bowlers at Adrian and she has been helping this team successfully. Moharter had her best day at the AHIBC 2 where she averaged 195.8 pins for four games, placing fifth out of 114 bowlers. This gave her the only all-tournament team for her season so far. Moharter currently has two top-25 finishes, one top-10, and one top-5 for the season.  Other assets to the team include: Sophomore Erica Jones, Freshman Abby Deslippe, Freshman Zoey Deslippe, and Freshman Nicole Discenna. The team is currently around the top 40, making them eligible currently for sectionals. They finished first at the Comet Classic, fourth at the AC Open, fifth at the Warrior Classic, and sixth at the Buckeye Bakers.

The Hoosier Classic and the AHIBC Championships were the last competitions before sectionals. The Men’s and Women’s  qualified for match play after qualifying for the conference championships. Sadly, they were both eliminated in the quarterfinals, but they both made top eight out of eighteen teams. The last tournament is the AHIBC Championships, where the teams in conference battle, in baker format, to claim AHIBC Championships. Bakers in bowling are a unique way of competitive bowling with five bowlers in one singular game. Each bowler will fill two frames. For example, the first bowler will bowl frames one and six, and it continues that pattern.

The Women’s team was picked for sectionals and the Men’s team was not. The selection was made for Smyrna, Tennessee, where they will compete against one hundred and seventy five singles bowlers and for teams, sixteen teams. This did not stop some of the men from competing in singles. For singles, none of the Men or Women were close to the cut, the top performers were Sophomore Chase Fleming and Senior Marissa Land. The Lady Bulldogs competed and placed in the lower half of the field.

Club Collegiate Championships will be in April, if chosen to compete in it.

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