NCAA March Madness Final 4 breakdown

NCAA March Madness 2019 has been a thriller as some great games have came out from this. There is only four teams left standing: Michigan State, Texas Tech, Virginia, and Auburn.

Michigan State

MSU started off their run at the championship from 28-6 and as the Big Ten Champions. They were seeded at second, matching them up with Bradley, who was easily defeated. The round of 32 put them up against Minnesota, who just upsetted Louisville. MSU didn’t budge and again, took out another team without much effort. Their sweet sixteen matchup was against LSU, who was seeded third. Sadly for LSU, they didn’t stand a chance as the final was 80-63, MSU. This takes them to their hardest matchup of the tournament: Duke against MSU. The game was very back and forth, but MSU was just able to hold them off 68-67 for the win. This takes them to the Final Four.

Texas Tech

Texas Tech was placed into the third seed at 26-6. They were apart of the west division of the bracket. They took on Northern Kentucky in the first round, where they easily defeated them 72-57. Buffalo was the next matchup for the round of 32 and wasn’t a match for Texas Tech. Texas Tech than took on Michigan, where they were upsetted by Texas Tech 63-44. Michigan played their worst game of the season and Texas Tech took total advantage. The elite eight matchup was their realest test: Gonzaga. Texas Tech defeated Gonzaga 75-69. This puts them to the Final Four. First appearance in school history.


Virginia at 29-3 was seeded first for the south division. They took on a easy scare, Gardner-Webb, who put up a good fight and slowly lost 71-56. Virginia then proceeded to the round of 32 against Oklahoma, where they defeated them 63-51. Climbing up the bracket, they fought Oregon, who has been the biggest upsetter of the bracket so far at twelfth seed. Virginia was able to win 53-49 against Oregon. Virginia than took on Purdue to find out who goes to the Final Four. After entering overtime, Virginia defeated Purdue 80-75, where they entered the Final Four.


Auburn started their campaign at 26-9, claiming the fifth seed in the midwest division. The seemingly hardest journey to the final four, Auburn had to take on a very underrated New Mexico State. Auburn started off with a quick scare, 78-77 against New Mexico State for the win. This takes them to Kansas, where they would have to upset them. Auburn did just that, with a score of 89-75. The sweet sixteen matchup was than against North Carolina, the first seed of the division. Auburn took them on very well and took the dub 97-80. The last stop before the Final Four was against Kentucky, the second seed team in the division. They yet again, upsetted the bracket and defeated Kentucky 77-71. This made Auburn history as this was the first appearance in the Final Four ever.

Thoughts on the Final Four

The matchups for the Final Four are Michigan State against Texas Tech and Virginia against Auburn. From my point of view, for the MSU and Texas Tech matchup, it will be a hard fought fight. Texas Tech has been very hot lately and is looking to make more history. MSU on the other hand, has been doing amazing and doesn’t look like they will be losing anytime soon. They even took out Duke. I can see MSU taking the win against Texas Tech, meaning they will follow in Michigan’s footsteps from last year and make the finals. On the other side of the bracket, a powerful Virginia takes on a underrated Auburn. I have personal need for Auburn to win as I have them in the finals for my NCAA March Madness bracket. I even realistically see them winning as they have already taken on tougher teams and won without hesitation. Auburn’s hardest matchup was probably the first match they did in the tournament and Virginia has been just floating through the brackets. I don’t see Virginia taking the win unless they step up their game and make sure to not take it easy on Auburn as other teams have.

If the final matchup was Auburn against MSU, I can only handle Auburn winning. As a Michigan fan, seeing State go this far has already hurt me inside, but Auburn winning this would be really insane to see. Michigan State can really win don’t get me wrong, but Auburn will really have to step up their upsetting percentage to perfection if they want to give MSU a fight.

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