Adrian College hosts its first ever Sports Leadership & Business Conference

On Saturday March 23, Adrian College held its first ever Sports Leadership and Business Conference.

President of the Sports Management Club, Senior Savannah McVoy, has successfully planned and hosted the event for all of Adrian College. This event has taken McVoy some time to plan.

“I spent over a year working on this event with all the sport management professors and other students,” Said McVoy. “I reached out to potential speakers and I worked with the schools marketing department.”

The following presenters attended the conference and spoke to those who came:

Tim Zenner – Senior Directory of Ticketing and Fan Engagement

Sarah Richardson – Manager of Member Service at the Detroit Pistons

Garrett Carroll – Inside Sales with the Pistons

Ashley Halbert – Associate Director, Donor Engagement, Communications And Events

Penny Allen-Cook – MIAA Commissioner

Tom Cole – Adrian College Professor/ used to work for BCSN

Gabe Schray – Midwest Sport Network

Ryan Carlson – Director of Client Success Management

Jason Lucas – Sr. Director Marketing and Communications

Tim Warga – Associate Athletic Director for Operations and Events.

Dan Straley – Assistant GM of Facilities

and Mike Beczynski – Operations with the Marathon Classic

This conference is a great way to create connections for the future as coming out of college, you’ll want to know as many people as possible. The sports industry is growing and there is so many opportunities for those that are passionate about sports.

“I hope that students realize Adrian College is preparing students for the real world and realize that their professors know what they are doing,” Said McVoy. “I also want them to realize that networking is essential in the sport industry and this is a great way to start that networking.”

The Club is looking to expand the conference for next year and improve for the second sports conference.

“Next year I hope to see an increase in attendance and for more speakers to be apart of this event,” Said McVoy. “I also think reaching out to other schools would be really nice to see.”

The next president of the Sports Management Club will be setting up the second sports conference for Spring 2020.

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