Founder of Photoshop Speaks at Adrian College

Thomas Knoll, software engineer and original creator of Adobe Photoshop, spoke at a free and public event in Downs Hall on Friday, March 1.

Knoll — who is currently working as a developer on Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw — explained the process of creating Photoshop, as well as how he currently incorporates the program into his own photography. Large format prints displaying his work were also on-site.

In 1988, Knoll initiated the advancement of image processing routines. After creating the first core routines, Knoll shared them with his brother John, who worked at Industrial Light and Magic at the time. Within the following year, they sold the program to Adobe Systems.

In 2001, both brothers were inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame, and nowadays photographers and graphic designers from all around the world see Knoll’s name when accessing any version of Adobe Photoshop. The evolution of Photoshop over the years has changed the way that graphic designers, web professionals, 3D artists, photographers, designers and countless others interact with images and graphic design software — and there are still many more changes to come.

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