PIKE Wins Men’s Runouts

On Friday, Feb 15, members of the Adrian College fraternities participated in runouts at the Caine Student Center. Runouts signifies the end of rush period for each semester. The fraternities usually compete in a dance-off, and then the new members join their chapter.

“Runouts is important because it’s the day we can officially welcome those new members that have decided to sign their bid into our fraternity,” said Sigma Alpha Epsilon President Nolan Duda.

Pi Kappa Alpha President Scott Boden added, “Run outs are more than just who can dance the best or who can recruit the most men. It’s about Greek Life coming together as a whole, competing against one another, and allowing students to join great organizations to better their future as well as this campus/organization.”

Each fraternity has expectations for their new members after they pledge.

“We expect our new members to be involved, work hard in their athletics and academics, and to carry out our motto of being true gentlemen,” said Duda.

When it comes down to it, runouts is a fun event for everyone to get together and watch the guys dance. However, the fraternities didn’t come up with their dances overnight. A bit of preparation was required in order to really come up with a solid routine.

“SAE starts dance practice generally that Monday before the event,” said Duda, “This semester we had the help of Beth Dziekan and Olivia Gies, who throughout the week kept us in line as we spent Monday through Friday working on it for about an hour and a half each day.”

Victorious Pi Kappa Alpha also had the help of two Adrian College dancers, freshmen Rachel McHale and Tamsin Andres.

“Tamsin and I started thinking of music and choreography about 4 weeks prior to run-outs,” explained McHale, “They are all such fun and hard-working guys. No matter what Tamsin and I threw at them, they would try it, no questions asked.”

Win or lose, the guys had a great time.

“In the past years, I’m pretty sure it is a tradition that Sigma Alpha Epsilon will get last place no matter how good our dance is,” said SAE Vice President Colton Randle. “It’s okay because we still have a blast doing it. The best part is when the new guys run down the tunnel and say that they are joining SAE, because some kids don’t tell us that they signed our bid, so it’s a nice shock that great men want to join our chapter.”

Freshman Pike member Connor Wise was confident in their dance. “We won because we were the best,” he stated. “I highly recommend that the incoming members participate in runouts; there’s no opportunity like it to just be silly for one night.”

Although Pike won the dance, Duda says that SAE is coming back with a vengeance.

“We feel as if we were robbed,” he said, “I mean come on, did the judges not see the trumpet on the second deck? We are coming for first place in the fall of 2019.”

McHale shot back, “One of the guys turned to us after and said ‘You just signed your four year contract,’ so catch us back in the fall with something even bigger and better!”

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