Synchronized Skating wins Midwestern Sectional Championship

This past weekend was filled with tears and laughter as the Collegiate and Open Collegiate teams competed at the Wings Event Center in Kalamazoo, walking away with one bronze medal and one gold medal. The Midwestern and Pacific Coast Sectional Championships took place this past weekend February 1-3, bringing the best teams from around the United States together to compete for the top spot. Qualifying teams from this competition would then move onto the National Championships in Plymouth later this month.  

The Collegiate and Open Collegiate teams left everything on the ice, and both placed very well for their hard work and dedication throughout their respective seasons. The Collegiate team competed against six other teams from the Midwest. They gave a fabulous performance, skating clean and showing that all the hard work and long hours pay off in the end. The Collegiate team earned the  bronze medal, sharing the podium Western Michigan University, Miami University, and Michigan State University. The collegiate skaters will be off to Nationals at the end of February to deliver one last performance to the judges in the hope of defending their national medal.

The Open Collegiate team competed against seven other teams from the Midwest. The skaters had a spectacular clean program, redeeming themselves from a loss last season in the sectionals. The team was rewarded for their flawless finish and won the 2019 Midwestern Sectional Championship.

“I attribute their success to a great athlete/coaching staff relationship, a commitment to trusting the process, and team-first attitude,” says Coach Carlson. “We pushed the boundaries in difficulty in our choreography this season, and the team rose to the challenge for a big payoff! The coaches are looking forward to seeing what big strides we can make again next season.”

This is the first gold medal in the open collegiate division in the history of the college. The team shared the the podium with Miami University, the University of Michigan, and Trine University. The skaters proudly stood on top of the podium and accepted their gold medals. The accomplishment represents hard work, dedication, and many hours on the ice training to be the best. Both the coaches and the skaters were incredibly proud of the results.

Overall, the competition showed the true capacity of Adrian College Skating. The Collegiate and Open Collegiate teams trusted in their training and skated with their hearts, allowing them to skate away with podium finishes.

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