Warfare Comes to Campus

AC Warfare will make its debut Feb. 9.

A group of 12-16 pre selected students will compete in the ultimate social strategy game.

This new organization will play a “Survivor”-style game throughout the semester. This game will test how well students work work with others, as they face each other in friendly competitions, and strategize to win the game.

Based on the TV show Survivor, AC Warfare is going to be a fun experience for not just the people participating, but also for me, as I will be hosting this game throughout the semester.

Survivor is a social strategy game where a group of people from all walks of life will be competing in challenges in order to get Immunity. In the beginning the students will be split into teams. The team that loses a challenge will vote one of their own members off their team. Once the game reaches the halfway point, the teams will be dissolved, and the game becomes individual. Students will have to rely on their relationships and alliances to carry them through. Everyone voted out will become a Jury member. The Jury decides the winner out of the two or three finalists.

I feel very good about this group of players. All of them have their own strategies, and I know most of them personally. Here are the two basic strategies that I think may come into play here.

Aggressive Strategists

The most entertaining type of player is one who plays super-aggressively. Through manipulating

the other players, this player gets others to vote a specific way to pull off big strategic plays. However this can also put a huge target on the more aggressive player’s back. In AC Warfare there are a few people who I know are going to play aggressively. In fact two of these people played Survivor a few years ago when I hosted a game at ATO. Both of these players made multiple strategic moves and alliances with everyone, and then made it to the end of the game. One was praised for it, while one was grilled for backstabbing too many alliances. I am excited to see these aggressive players have another shot at playing, and hope that others might step in and play somewhat aggressively. Of course this isn’t always the best strategy.

Flying Under the Radar

The smartest strategy, especially at the beginning, is to not make waves. Sometimes players have to wait until the perfect moment to strike with their moves. Sometimes latching on to a stronger or more aggressive player until you can safely cut them loose is the best way to win. I think that

some of the players may be a bit passive at the start, as they begin to figure the game out. This

isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If everyone is playing aggressively, I think that more people could

slip up more easily and make mistakes. The biggest challenge for the quieter players is having

the “Jury of Booted Players” respect them in the end.

Dealing with the Jury

In AC Warfare, everyone who is eliminated from the game will become a member of the Jury. It is up to the players how they treat each other in the game. If they are unable to work together as a team, then not only could one of them get voted out, they could also lose the respect of the Jury. I think the most important aspects to a game like this, are to play strategically and make big moves, while also treating everyone with respect. I am so excited to watch this group play. I believe they are here to have fun and play the game. Some of them will learn as they go along, while some of them have experience playing which could help or hurt them.

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