Continued Revision: Q&A with Kyle Lindsay

Photo by Mike Dickie: AC head basketball coach Kyle Lindsay

The 2018-2019 season for Adrian College basketball has begun, and the Bulldogs look to begin another successful season under the helm of head coach Kyle Lindsay. Entering his third year as head coach, Lindsay has already shown an impressive turnaround to seasons before his arrival. His leadership helped turn the men’s team’s 7-18 record in 2016-17 to an impressive 17-9 in 2017-18.

As MIAA league play looms around the corner, I had a chance to interview Lindsay about his expectations and observations for this season.

Gage: How are the freshmen players handling the transition to college basketball so far? What areas do you see that they still need to get used to?

Coach Lindsay: They are trying to learn and understand the pace and intensity of play at our level. Like anything, it takes time and they still need to improve in a lot of areas. Physical condition and mental toughness stand out the most.

Gage: Now that the team has a few games under their belt, what do you notice needs to be improved on based off of this season’s play?

Coach Lindsay: We have to be mentally tougher. We have to learn how to move on to the next play when things don’t go our way. We tend to let things affect us for too long. Basketball is a fast game and a very emotional game. We have to be ready for the next play no matter what.

Gage: Last year you had a solid run in the postseason and made it to the MIAA semi finals. What did you learn from last year’s outing that you hope to expand on the for the rest of this season?

Coach Lindsay: Having great leaders is paramount on any successful team. Last year we had an outstanding team captain and leader in Justin Webster. This year’s team is still figuring out who its true leaders are. I think it will be led by many instead of just one guy.

Gage: What player(s) do you see on the team that are growing into the position of being a role model for the other players, and what specifically do they do to help their teammates?

Coach Lindsay: Jordan Harris has been one of our best leaders. He works extremely hard in the classroom and makes good decisions in his life. He is the most consistent at playing hard and he is learning how to channel his emotions into positive play. Jordan is definitely one of our best role models and he is only a sophomore.

Gage: What is the main goal you have for the team this year and how do you hope to achieve it?

Coach Lindsay: We want to improve daily. We hope to achieve this by controlling our mindset in a way that allows us to compete as hard as we can for as long as we can each and every practice.

Gage: If there was anything you would like to tell the Adrian College community about regarding what to expect this season, what would it be?

Coach Lindsay: This is a very young team filled with great people. I think it will take us some time to reach the point of playing our best basketball. But you want to being playing your best basketball late. We are very excited for the future of our program as we continue to grow and mature. I know our guys love having fans in the stands that are on their feet and cheering us on!

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